To iron or to press?

Well, I have a confession to make (my Mum would totally agree too) and I am ashamed to show this pic really.


I HATE ironing. With a passion. As I am sure you can tell by the size of this ironing pile. Now, some of you may not think this is too bad but this is for just 2 of us. However, sewing means a LOT of pressing (ironing). So why don’t I mind that?


Are they the same? Well, I don’t think so – Ironing is removing creases and the boring momentum of backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards……….. you get the picture!  Pressing, for me is putting in the creases that will make my items LOOK like they are professional and NOT handmade – I guess it’s a perfectionist thing whereas the ironing is just a chore.  In pressing you lift the iron….and place, lift and place, seeing that newly created seam is oddly satisfying.  So, I have NO problem, as a lot of people that sew seem to, with pressing and I am quite anal in ensuring I do it throughout every stage.  It really does give a lovely crisp finish to the garment.


Till later Blogworld


Faye x


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