Buford and I



It’s me (Faye), my husband and our Yorkie, Buford (soon to be joined by his newborn sister – Dixie). We all live in a village in Chelmsford, Essex, UK and we love it here.

I am a real homemaker – it’s where my heart lies – I love all aspect of crafts. To take something and turn into something beautiful (or delicious) and unique is what I love about it. Being surrounded by pretty fabric and sparkly beads makes me feel warm and fuzzy! My husband laughs at me but I call ‘crafting’ my Soul food! When I’m feeling down or nonchalant I love to disappear in my craft room to ‘feed my soul’

I have made various pieces of jewellery over the years – I started with Bridal as that was the reason I got into it in the first place! I will have to photograph things and maybe see if I can figure out how to put a gallery on here! I have sold a few bits but not many – Its so time consuming and I do work too 😦

My dream would be to have a bead shop, do workshops and teach classes – Ha! My nieces al say I have enough in my room to start a shop already and my neighbour always comes over if she is running low of beads – chances are I will have some!

Is this an addiction do you think???? My husband would!

I’m not quite as bad yet with fabric…………………..again hubby might say different – but it IS getting there!



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