Bufords Diary

Hi, I’m Buford. I’m 2 years old and Mum said I can have a blog now I’m old enough.
The first thing I wanna tell you about is this cake Mum made me. I love it.

I saw her get some Liver out and I got all excited!! I think she used beef liver this time – it tasted different but it’s still woofing delicious.

She added the liver to a noisy machine that made it like liquid and then added this little lot to it


I saw her with a spoon mixing it in. I like Garlic and mum knows it so she added a bit if garlic for me 🐶 she loves me.
Look at it now! Doesn’t it look delicious?!?!

She had a tin and poured it in there.


Then she put it in the big hot thing for an hour. I don’t like it so I don’t go near it when mum opens it but she always get delicious smelling food out of it.


Mum closed the kitchen door and opened the window. She said it smelled really bad……….smelt sooooooooo goooood to me

An hour later Mum got it out and cut it up. I have loads of lovely treats. Woowoowoooooooooo




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