Sewing for christmas

Well, I have been a busy bee today! I have used some of my Christmas stash to make some circular napkins for the Christmas table.

I admit to being very nervous – I can barely sew in a straight line let alone a circle!!!!!! But I have procrastinated for too long on this thought and so on with it I got!

I started by making the circular template – I needed it to be 17″ in diameter so had to use a string and a pin!!!!!! I made it 19″” so I could sew a larger seam *just in case*

I needed 8 napkins – double sided so I cut out 16 circles! That was a lot of cutting and I was a bit bored of it after that. Soooooo, then I pinned them right sides together and marked a 1″ seam line with my tailors chalk.

Measuring circular Christmas napkins

And sewed them together leaving a 3″ gap for turning.  I needed to adjust the tension too and also the stitch length  for more security.

Then, after I ironed the seam in of course, I cut both seams individually and in opposite places to limit bulk and turned them pushing out the curve with my card folding presser thing I have had for yonks!! Its the perfect tool.

Once again I pressed 😉 (I LOVE Pressing – Luckily)

Tucked the opening in…………and top stitched to close.

Now, they aren’t perfect are each unique and I am so so pleased with them especially considering I can’t sew straight!!!!!

And here they are folded as they will be on the Christmas table along with my handmade tablecloth. 🙂

So, totally stoked with these – I think they will look great on my Christmas Table.  If I remember I will try and take a pic – I’m usually a bit pickled by dinner time 😉

Till next time

Faye xx


Happy birthday to my dear beloved hubby

At the last minute I decided to make my dear husband a birthday cake rather than buy one. They all taste the same and very often are dry and crumbly. Besides this, everyone seems to get them from Tesco or the like and everyone has had them all so there’s never any surprise.

Oh, and I like watching people enjoy something I have made ☺

So out came the cookbooks and as hubby is a fussy one it had to be something plain but with a subtle twist! I pulled from my bookcase a few books,

Nigella – how to be a domestic goddess
Pru Leith’s baking bible and
The Hummingbird bakery

The latter was a bit fussy for his tastes 😳
Nigella too.

So back to the old faithful – Pru has every type of cake in this bible and I decided to try a whisked cake – a chocolate one – with a coffee twist 😉

Here are some progress pics
The whisking of the eggs and sugar


Gently turning in the flours and cocoa
(I don’t want to lose all that air I have spent so long putting in)20121007-174901.jpg

The coffee syrup – used to flavour the sponges before the ganache is added20121007-174911.jpg

The ganache20121007-174919.jpg

The sponge cooling off and brushed with the coffee syrup. 20121007-174932.jpg
And here is the finished article.


Baking? Don’t mind if I do

I went and bought myself the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook today while at Tesco. So I thought I would bake something, and the cola cupcakes sounded delicious but I prefer cherry cola. So I weighed out all my ingredients and got to it.

The smell while they were baking was divine. Like sweets. Made me want to open the oven door and snatch one out taste test one. But I refrained.

I got to whisking up the icing and decided to go with cherry flavour. Oh my……..the taste was heavenly. After the cakes had cooled I lathered the icing on quite literally. And topped with the cola bottle and cherry sweeties. They were ready to be lovingly devoured.


They passed the taste test. My husband went quiet……a sure sign they’re good.

Thank you Hummingbird Bakery. Next on the list……..butterscotch cheesecake.