Crafty Links I love 🙂

Fabric Blogs

Cotton & Curls  <—  I LOVE this blog and many of her tutes are starred for me to try at some point.  One of the queens of refashioning in a modern, trendy way.

Tilly & The Buttons  <— Another fab blog.  Tilly is currently blogging a ‘Learn to Sew‘ series

Diary of a Mad Crafter  <— Aren’t we all a bit crazy???  This varied blog is so cool – with a few tutes to boot 😉

Tuppence Hapenny  <— This blog is amazing and so kitsch.  Charlotte simply is what she blogs.  This is a fantastic vintage blog – go visit.

Refashionista  <—  Another brill blog that takes $1 items from a thrift store and turns them into some excellent refashions!


Beading Blogs

OTTBS  <—This has to be my most favourite beading blog in the world.  They also have a very friendly & successful group on Facebook.

Kerrie Slade  <—  Total beading porn!  An amazingly talented woman in the art of beadweaving

Beverly Ash Gilbert  <—  This site is phenomenal for colour inspiration


Website Links

Pantone  <—  Absolutely Must have this in your bookmarks – if you want to know what the colours for the season are that is 😉

Craftster  <—  OK, So it’s more of a forum – but there is tonnes of ideas on there

Fabric Rehab  <— Some awesome fabrics


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