Sewing for christmas

Well, I have been a busy bee today! I have used some of my Christmas stash to make some circular napkins for the Christmas table.

I admit to being very nervous – I can barely sew in a straight line let alone a circle!!!!!! But I have procrastinated for too long on this thought and so on with it I got!

I started by making the circular template – I needed it to be 17″ in diameter so had to use a string and a pin!!!!!! I made it 19″” so I could sew a larger seam *just in case*

I needed 8 napkins – double sided so I cut out 16 circles! That was a lot of cutting and I was a bit bored of it after that. Soooooo, then I pinned them right sides together and marked a 1″ seam line with my tailors chalk.

Measuring circular Christmas napkins

And sewed them together leaving a 3″ gap for turning.  I needed to adjust the tension too and also the stitch length  for more security.

Then, after I ironed the seam in of course, I cut both seams individually and in opposite places to limit bulk and turned them pushing out the curve with my card folding presser thing I have had for yonks!! Its the perfect tool.

Once again I pressed 😉 (I LOVE Pressing – Luckily)

Tucked the opening in…………and top stitched to close.

Now, they aren’t perfect are each unique and I am so so pleased with them especially considering I can’t sew straight!!!!!

And here they are folded as they will be on the Christmas table along with my handmade tablecloth. 🙂

So, totally stoked with these – I think they will look great on my Christmas Table.  If I remember I will try and take a pic – I’m usually a bit pickled by dinner time 😉

Till next time

Faye xx


Ally Pally – The knitting & Stitching Show

Today was the day I went to Ally Pally. How excited was I? I’ve never been before and a friend suggested it – who was I to turn it down?!?!?

When I arrived in North London I couldn’t believe how beautiful the grounds of Alexandra Palace were. The sun was shining and lighting up the wonderful backdrop of London city. I could even see the shard!!!!!!!

I didn’t realise but back in the day the BBC broadcasted from here because it was such a high point in the city and the television Arial is still on the roof of Ally Pally. I couldn’t believe how high it was

Here is my friend, Michelle, who made me spend a fortune!!!!! And she will kill me for putting this on here but I luv her cos this was my birthday pressie

And look at this amazing window!

It was intensely busy and my pointy elbows came in very handy 😉 but we battled on and bought lots of goodies. I will show you these in the next post. I thought they were all justified as I have plans for all of it :). How good am I?

Eventually we sat down and had afternoon tea. I was so thirsty and famished I must have drank a gallon of tea. But I was tired out and wanted to go and play with my goodies.

We went back in to the show for an hour and I bought a lovely bright, zesty Rowan fabric jelly roll for a chevron table runner I think 😉 and then we went back to the coach. We were the last on and the day was fun but…….boy was I glad to get home!

Have you been to The Knitting & Stitching show this year? What did you think and what did you buy?