Quick jewellery make

I’ve been absent for a while I know. Christmas present making and organising kinda took my time up. And I know I should have taken done piccies of things I made but I didn’t manage everything. So, I am starting this year afresh with projects. I have decided to tackle my UFO stash and so, today, made a start with my beading stash. I feel very productive today.

I have recently finished a necklace that has been sitting there for a while. I got the pendant about 3 years ago from a very talented glassy lady and beaded around it about 18 months ago but hadn’t got round to doing the rope. And now it’s finished – a pretty asymmetrical piece. What do you think?

Also today I finished some earrings that I have been meaning to do since I saw these very cute fimo beads in an amazing package I got from another jewellery blog. Let me tell you about this blog……Operation Tackle That Bead Stash! It’s probably one of the reasons my stash has actually grown rather than diminished. And my tutorial stash has got huge. There are so many talented jewellery designers on there and you just haveĀ to make everything.




<a href=”https://thebeadedbobbin.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/20130113-194733.jpg&#8221;