Bias binding epiphany

So, I needed some binding to put on my refashion men’s jumper. I had the perfect fabric – a zany, eclectic, psychedelic, very 60’s looking fabric. It would look perfect against the grey knit material.

So I looked into making my own and came across a continuous strip method – I would get so bored so quickly sewing all those itty bits together – I looked at several different youtube videos and just couldn’t understand how you sewed the thing together. Then I came upon this YouTube video by Iona. This seems like a much easier way of cutting longer strips and therefore less stitching. So I gave it a go and it worked. yay

I have a 1″ bias strip maker and in my fabric went. I cant remember what this fabric is but it had a massive resistance to the iron. It took ages to crease up nicely – which is great if you’re wearing a garment I guess but no so great when you’re making tape.

Anyway, here is the finished product.

Now to attach it to my jumper.

I can’t believe I have a whole world of creativity at my hands in this gorgeous tape. I wanna bias bind everything now!


Sewing for christmas

Well, I have been a busy bee today! I have used some of my Christmas stash to make some circular napkins for the Christmas table.

I admit to being very nervous – I can barely sew in a straight line let alone a circle!!!!!! But I have procrastinated for too long on this thought and so on with it I got!

I started by making the circular template – I needed it to be 17″ in diameter so had to use a string and a pin!!!!!! I made it 19″” so I could sew a larger seam *just in case*

I needed 8 napkins – double sided so I cut out 16 circles! That was a lot of cutting and I was a bit bored of it after that. Soooooo, then I pinned them right sides together and marked a 1″ seam line with my tailors chalk.

Measuring circular Christmas napkins

And sewed them together leaving a 3″ gap for turning.  I needed to adjust the tension too and also the stitch length  for more security.

Then, after I ironed the seam in of course, I cut both seams individually and in opposite places to limit bulk and turned them pushing out the curve with my card folding presser thing I have had for yonks!! Its the perfect tool.

Once again I pressed 😉 (I LOVE Pressing – Luckily)

Tucked the opening in…………and top stitched to close.

Now, they aren’t perfect are each unique and I am so so pleased with them especially considering I can’t sew straight!!!!!

And here they are folded as they will be on the Christmas table along with my handmade tablecloth. 🙂

So, totally stoked with these – I think they will look great on my Christmas Table.  If I remember I will try and take a pic – I’m usually a bit pickled by dinner time 😉

Till next time

Faye xx

What did I buy at The Knitting & Stitching show?

Ok. I realise I haven’t shown you what I bought yet. I know it’s rude of me but I have been so busy battling with tonnes of fabric to make a tablecloth for Christmas.

I wanted to find some fabric at the show for said tablecloth as my table is so big when extended that they are extortionate in price. They can’t be difficult to make thought I. They are simply straight hems!!!!!!!

Well, it was more awkward than difficult I have to say. I dont have a small space to work in but it sure felt like it. I wanted an elegant feel to the table so opted for an overhang of 50cm per side. This put the fabric I would need at 3m by 2m.

So, without further ado…….here is the fabric……

And this is what I fought with it for……


I apologise for the terrible piccies. The weather here today is so dark and autumnal it’s lights all the way.

I guess you wanna know what else I bought right?

For Christmas napkins

20121104-160326.jpg &

These are for for a Christmas wreath and a tree skirt 😉

The fabric on the right is for a bag I want to make by Lisa Kan. The other fabrics – well I just loved them.

And a bright zesty jelly roll


I best start making my Christmas napkins. See ya later ☺. Faye x

Craft pillow

My next sewing project has arrived. You may ask why it’s taken soooo long. Well, between work and housekeeping and doggy keeping there isn’t too much time and I steal pieces of time here and there so nothing much gets done too quickly. I am sure you all know what I mean! And I am a terrible procrastinator – which is not conducive to great productivity!!!!

Anyway, back to my project. I wanted the wording to stand out on the pillow so I made templates of the letters and cut out 1 of each letter in the fabric, the backing and the fleece. After fusing the fleece to the fabric using double sided fusible webbing for appliqué I pinned them to the basic pillow rectangle. And tried to sew in zig zag………….I had a pillow form so I fitted the pillow inside the basic rectangle shape and top stitched all around the edge.

Here it is! The fabric is by Amy Butler.


This is a close up of the stitching – it’s not perfect but I’m still learning and I was going for the frayed look 😁


Till next time xx

To iron or to press?

Well, I have a confession to make (my Mum would totally agree too) and I am ashamed to show this pic really.


I HATE ironing. With a passion. As I am sure you can tell by the size of this ironing pile. Now, some of you may not think this is too bad but this is for just 2 of us. However, sewing means a LOT of pressing (ironing). So why don’t I mind that?


Are they the same? Well, I don’t think so – Ironing is removing creases and the boring momentum of backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, backwards……….. you get the picture!  Pressing, for me is putting in the creases that will make my items LOOK like they are professional and NOT handmade – I guess it’s a perfectionist thing whereas the ironing is just a chore.  In pressing you lift the iron….and place, lift and place, seeing that newly created seam is oddly satisfying.  So, I have NO problem, as a lot of people that sew seem to, with pressing and I am quite anal in ensuring I do it throughout every stage.  It really does give a lovely crisp finish to the garment.


Till later Blogworld


Faye x

My First Blog Post

Well, here is my 1st post and I thought I would coincide it with my 1st wearable item that I have sewn myself! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have been playing with it as much as I can (which isn’t too much as my other love is beading – more about that another day). I have made little simple things such as carrier bag dispensers, cos they involve sewing in a straight line and that’s about it – Oh and FAB bag too  – I MUST show you this one day 🙂

Anyway, I transposed the pattern for this skirt from a book onto freezer paper 😉 and made the skirt from there. It involved adjusting at the waist, inserting a zipper and a waistband (none of which I had attempted before) so I was nervous and apprehensive and therefore thought I would use some cheaper material – a muslin if you like!

So, the picture,



This material I got from a charity shop. It was a bed sheet and I paid £2 for 2 of them. I used half of one so in effect the material cost just 50p. I thought that was a bargain.

It’s not perfect by far but it’s totally wearable and I think it looks fabulous on.

Till the next time blogland

Faye x