Bias binding epiphany

So, I needed some binding to put on my refashion men’s jumper. I had the perfect fabric – a zany, eclectic, psychedelic, very 60’s looking fabric. It would look perfect against the grey knit material.

So I looked into making my own and came across a continuous strip method – I would get so bored so quickly sewing all those itty bits together – I looked at several different youtube videos and just couldn’t understand how you sewed the thing together. Then I came upon this YouTube video by Iona. This seems like a much easier way of cutting longer strips and therefore less stitching. So I gave it a go and it worked. yay

I have a 1″ bias strip maker and in my fabric went. I cant remember what this fabric is but it had a massive resistance to the iron. It took ages to crease up nicely – which is great if you’re wearing a garment I guess but no so great when you’re making tape.

Anyway, here is the finished product.

Now to attach it to my jumper.

I can’t believe I have a whole world of creativity at my hands in this gorgeous tape. I wanna bias bind everything now!